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05.04 Ken Green om Lexi Thompson-saken:
"There are some dumb as shit people ruling golf!"
Ken Green har vunnet 11 ganger på PGA Touren. Han skriver krasst om situasjonen med Lexi Thompson. Her er det rene ord for pengene!

Fra Wikipedia:
Kenneth J. Green (born July 23, 1958) is an American professional golfer who has played on the PGA Tour, the Nationwide Tour and the Champions Tour. Green has won eleven tournaments as a pro, including five PGA Tour events. He is also known for returning to competition after losing his right leg in a 2009 car accident.

Golfsiden skrev dette om den forferdelige ulykken i 2009: LES MER

Dette skriver Ken Green i sin blogg på Facebook (vel verdt å lese):

My Blog #282 (On The Lexi Thompson Situation)
- So, some have suggested I make my opinions known on the Lexi fork a toad ruling. I don't know if I can keep it short enough. After hearing different thoughts, here's what I have concluded.

I don't think it was an email from a viewer who just happened to watch it on Sunday. I think someone saw it Saturday in live action. Either playing people or at green.

If you review what they showed on Saturday, there's no way you would put 2+2=FLexi. (Golfsidens utheving)

I think after thought, someone decided to send a pre-planned email to the Tour office at a specific time to the office, depending on how certain player stood.

You can run with scenarios from there, but this makes perfect sense to me. The idea that they decided to bone her shouldn't have taken almost 2 hours before anyone was told. The game of each player was effectively altered. Don't think for one moment if some of the girls knew they were more in the hunt their games might not have been affected.

Now for how it was handled: let's face it people, there are some dumb as shit people ruling golf! I'll tell the all Mighty who swear by the so called integrity of golf’s rules. Go back to Scotland, you dopes. Not one of you follows any other rules, but you swear up & down about integrity of the game. Go pork a hole in your head. The rules of golf are stupid and the USGA has this monopoly on forking up events, but know one can do much about it. Each commissioner has the power to make any ruling, he should've just pushed it out the door. This might be a great point that maybe it was a player?

It's time that all Tours have their own special rules, because it's insane with today's slow motion abilities that people are not caught each week. The ladies U.S. Open with the slow mo of a granular size piece moving should've woken up the players and top elites in power. Golf is the most honest of all sports and far more honest than our politicians, Clintons or Trump. I mean think about this, one of the best players on the planet will bang other wives without a thought, but he would never ever cheat. Now that's the real integrity of golf. Golf beats dicks all the time.

Ok I'm jumping, sorry. If a sorry ass rule that was made up in the 1930’s gets missed, so be it. LPGA commish is ballless and if he has any left they should be cut immediately. I'll give you an example: The Tour made a ruling many moons ago when John Cook had an incorrect scorecard on Saturday of The International to not wipe him out of the title. Common sense says so’ even tho’ it was Ken Green who got boned, he's ok with it. They didn't take the title away because it's stupid and had nothing to do with the event. There's only one way to stop this bull. Every male pro asked says terrible and female correct? They will not get together as a group and just tell each commish this is how it will be done, period. The players own the Tour and they have the control, but will they just keep letting the Bemons Finchem, USGA, and PGA tell them what's right or wrong.

This is why Danny Edwards had it right many decades ago when he wanted us to have our representative at all meetings and relay info to us. The Tour and maybe the others constantly lied to us. They forgot they’re at the top at our behave not the other way around. I'm not sure any of this made sense ‘cause I may have just rambled. ‘ Lexi got forked! Big studs were ball less. Will players get their shit together? Time to tell USGA to run better Opens and take responsibility. The Tours need to create their own rules to keep getting players screwed, no more calls allowed period. By the way, I'm thinking of cutting more leg off due to pain and now I know where I should put it, Whanass I say!! Might be tight fit tho. -Ken

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